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About SangVi

When artistry and creativity are founded upon the bedrock of discipline and devotion, great possibilities arise.For us, the exploration of those possibilities started in year 2000 and it continues for eternity.

SangVi® – a title that’s an amalgamation of the names of the founding dance duo Sangeeta & Vineeta, is a premier dance academy based in Kolkata, India.

We are a one-stop solution for Dance and Fitness with classes for any and everyone between the age of 3 to 70.

SangVi provides training in major dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Latin, Belly, Ballroom, Indian, Semi-Classical, Folk & more…

Our fitness classes comprise Zumba®, Strong by Zumba, Strength training, Aqua Zumba, BollyFitt, Yoga and more…

The institute operates at 3 locations in Kolkata comprising Saltlake, Bhowanipore and Howrah. We conduct online classes across the globe overzoom.

Other than our regular classes, we conduct Dance & Fitness Workshops for Corporate & Businesses, Social Clubs & various other organizations. We also invite national and international-level artists in frequent intervals for collaborative and training experiences.

Having trained more than 500,000 students across 23 years, our mission is to spread happiness through dance in the lives of as many people as we can – across the world.

Our motto has and will always be: Dance to express


About the DUO

Twenty-three years ago, two young girls embarked on a journey filled with nerves, determination, and fearlessness. They started their dance career in a small room with only five students and an old-school tape recorder, unaware that their passion would soon grow into a mighty river.

From being mere strangers in a dance class to becoming lifelong friends and business partners, this duo has come a long way. Their dedication to perfection and top-notch quality has helped them create a remarkable brand in the dance industry.

Their ultimate goal is to spread the love and joy of dance to countless more people. They hope to continue connecting individuals through their incredible talent and create memorable experiences for years to come. Join them on their journey and get ready to be mesmerized by their exceptional dancing skills!

The dynamic duo

From Friends to Family: The Inspiring Story of Sang and Vini


The book narrates the story of Sangeeta and Vineeta, two strangers who met in 1996 and became lifelong friends. It details their journey from being individuals to a team, and how their roles evolved over time. Despite having fun dancing together, they didn't realize when their hobby turned into a profession, driven by their need to support their families.

As their families faced difficulties, the urge to grow and earn became a necessity for Sang and Vini. They worked together to serve both families and developed a deep understanding of each other in the process. In due time, they faced a situation that challenged their loyalty, bond, and capabilities. However, they overcame it together.

Though their relationship hit a rough patch, it taught them valuable lessons and led to positive changes.

So far the Duo has Inspiringly Impacted the Lives of Over 500,000 Children Through the Art of Dance

Read the story of their journey and take back with you series of learning, especially written and created by the mentor herself-Vineeta Majithia

OUR Studios

SangVi Studios are a state-of-the-art facility for dance, fitness and other recreational activities. Some highlights are:


Meet Sangeeta, a dynamic and dedicated mentor who is well-known for her powerful dance skills, infectious energy, and never-give-up attitude. As a licensed Zumba instructor (Latin-inspired dance) and certified yoga practitioner, Sangeeta is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Her talent and expertise have led her to collaborate with numerous corporate and other organizations such as PWC, TATA Consultancy, BNI, and JITO, where she has served as their fitness and wellness partner. Through her work, Sangeeta is on a mission to empower individuals to love their bodies, understand their minds, and work on their emotions.

Sangeeta's warm-hearted personality and ability to connect with people make her an exceptional mentor and influencer. Her positive attitude and dedication to spreading good vibes are truly inspiring. Whether she's leading a class or working one-on-one with clients, Sangeeta's energy and commitment to her work are unparalleled.


Meet Vineeta, an accomplished and influential mentor with over 30 years of experience in the field of dance. With powerful dancing prowess, business acumen, and exceptional attention to detail, she is recognized for her charismatic personality, perceptiveness, and discipline.

Trained under the renowned Tanushree Shankar,her performances exude grace and dignity, showcasing her finesse with Indian dance. Vineeta is a pro Garba Dandia player, full of grace and finesse. Her passion for dance led her to become a successful choreographer, and she has judged multiple dance shows and competitions throughout her career.

In addition to her love for dance, Vineeta is also a talented writer, creating the "Happy Go Lucky Mantras" with the aim of spreading positivity through her work. Her contribution to the field of dance and culture has been recognized by multiple organizations, applauding her for her dedication and skill.

She is a perfect combination of skill and dedication towards her work, spreading happiness through the language of dance. A multi-talented individual who inspires and motivates others through her artistry and positive attitude.

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